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The Retirement Gamble

Did you happen to catch the incredible and eye-opening FRONTLINE documentary that recently aired on PBS – “The Retirement Gamble”?

This hour-long program presented a no-holds-barred look at the broader financial industry and how, specifically, the behavior of traditional Wall Street brokerage firms and non-fiduciary “financial planners” has contributed to the erosion of retirement savings for millions of Americans.

If you didn’t catch the program, we highly encourage you to see it and, in fact, share it with your friends, family and neighbors. Here is a link to the program, which is available in its entirety via the PBS website.

Watching this program reinforces the immense pride we feel here at JDH Wealth Management working with our clients as fiduciary wealth advisors. As it was made clear in the FRONTLINE documentary, serving as a fiduciary means that our firm only provides advice that serves our clients’ best interests. Unbiased. Independent. Doing the right thing.

We hope you enjoy the program.


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