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5 Ways to Save Money This Summer

Written By Matthew Delaney, Managing Partner at JDH Wealth

With Memorial Day weekend behind us, summer is officially here! We hope you have some awesome summer plans to look forward to. Maybe you’re heading to the beach or out to the mountains to do some hiking. Whatever your summer plans are, it’s important to know how you can save money.

While saving money is essential all year round, the summer months have expenses and price increases that don’t typically occur in the winter months. With the kids being out of school, travel restrictions being lifted and your A/C running on full blast, those extra expenses can really add up. Luckily, we have some simple tips for you to save even more money this summer.

Limit Your A/C Usage

We know, that’s probably the last thing you want to hear in the summer. In order to avoid unnecessarily high electric bills, try limiting your A/C usage to warmer days. If the weather is cooler, let some fresh air into your home with open windows.

Spend More Time Outdoors

With the summer months comes longer evenings. Instead of staying cooped up indoors watching TV, take advantage of the extra daylight. Go on a family walk, play some basketball in the driveway or just relax on your patio. The less time you spend indoors, the more you’ll save on your electricity bill.

Be Mindful of Where You Travel

Prices for flights, hotel rooms and even gas typically increase during the summer months. If you’re vacationing on a budget this year, consider these affordable vacation tips:

  1. Visit a National Park: California has nine National Parks, all with affordable lodging and camping options. Entry fees vary depending on the park, and some are even free.

  2. Consider flying during a slower day/time: On average, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are the cheapest days to fly.

  3. Make it a Staycation: Why not take this summer and get to know your local community again? With most of us being cooped up inside last summer, it would be nice to enjoy all our cities have to offer. Plus, staying local helps you save even more money. No flight tickets or hotel fees in sight.

Grill Outside

You’re probably thinking, how does cooking outside save me money? Less heat in your house means a lower power bill. Keep your home cool and take the party outside. Plus, it gives you an excuse to try new recipes and entertain friends and family.

Entertain at Home Instead of Going Out

We’ve all been there; you go out for a few drinks with your friends and end up spending way too much money. Between your dinner bill, bar tab and Uber ride home, you’ve racked up quite the bill. Just like our last tip, take the party outside to your backyard. Skip an expensive night out for a cheaper, more chill night at home.

If you need more tips for saving money this summer, we can help you keep your budget on track.


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