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Here’s How to Enjoy Your First Summer in Retirement

Summer might look a little different for you now that you’re retired. Summer used to be when you worked full time and vacationed a week or two here or there, but now the entire summer is at your beck and call. Sometimes transitioning from having a full schedule to an empty one can be jarring and it’s important for your mind and health to keep active even in retirement. So how will you enjoy your summer this year? Here’s a list of 11 ideas so you can enjoy your first summer in retirement!

First Things First, Celebrate 

You’ve been waiting your entire work career for this! It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here. 

Make sure you take the time to celebrate your well-earned freedom and do something exciting and celebratory just to recognize this milestone in your life. Throw a party, celebrate with friends, go on a trip. Do something to acknowledge your retirement before anything else.

Start a New Routine 

For years, you made a habit of getting up every day and being on the go. You had a routine that kept you going. 

Start a new routine that keeps you active and make sure it involves some outdoor activities. Summer is a great time to start a walking program or take up a sport like tennis or golf. 

Plant A Garden 

Gardening is a great way to exercise, keep moving, and relax your mind. It’s therapeutic, and you get to grow wonderfully, healthy food that’s good for you to eat or beautiful flowers to decorate your home.

Write a Book 

I know this sounds a little busy, but is there a better place to write the perfect book than on your deck or on your front porch? Is there a better time than now? 

Now that you’ve retired, it’s finally time to put pen to paper and get the story living in your head out onto the page. Nature helps to bring out what’s in your heart, so this summer, get comfortable in the shade outside and write that book you’ve always wanted to.

Spend Time With Your Grandkids 

Summer is a great time to plan to see those loved ones you never got to see much of — the grandkids. They’re out of school, and you’re out of work — what a great time to catch up! Planning a family trip can give you a project to work on and the trip itself can be great family time.

Fishing Excursion 

There’s nothing like a fishing trip with friends to keep your summer fun this year, so grab your friends and get out there! Fishing is not only relaxing, but it’s also a great opportunity to spend quality friends with friends. 

Event It Out 

If you enjoy visiting flea markets, farmer’s markets and craft shows, make a summer out of it! These are great places to go to appreciate art, nature and what you love. Who knows, maybe you’ll find inspiration for a new hobby or meet new friends at an event!

Enjoy Outdoor Concerts 

The country’s back open which means outdoor concerts are back this summer! This is another opportunity to enjoy nature, great music, great friends and dance! Dance the summer away in the park … safely, of course.

Hit The Road With an RV 

When all else fails, and you don’t know what to do, go out and find it. Go on a road trip to where? You’ll know when you get there! Rent an RV or pack up the one you own and take the time to get away from everything to relax, reflect and have as little responsibility as possible.

Learn a New Instrument 

Music has an amazing impact on people’s lives. It is the universal language of all mankind. Connect with an instrument of your choice and see how much more amazing your life can be. Music relaxes and engages others. Make a group of it, and do a sing-along to celebrate this triumphant feat once you’ve mastered your new trade.

Go Sailing 

There’s nothing more relaxing than taking to the sails of the big blue ocean and letting the sail guide you as it may, especially if it’s on a clear, blue, hot summer day. Live your best life on the water this summer.

Do What Makes You Happy 

We could keep growing this list; the bottom line is you want to do whatever makes you happy. You’ve earned the right to do absolutely nothing … if you want to. But we hope you enjoy your summer doing some fun and exhilarating things, and we hope that whatever you do, you’re doing it within the means of your new retirement income.

No matter what’s on your list this summer, take a minute to assess your financial situation before anything else. Make this a habit to do every three to six months, so you always know you’re in a good place financially, so you can have a great summer for the rest of your life!

At JDH Wealth, we work hard for you so you can enjoy summers like these. Contact us should you ever feel concerned about the state of your retirement finances or if you just need someone to review your financial outlook. 

Written by Matthew Delaney


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