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How well do you know the JDH family?

Do you know who is who in the JDH family??


At our open house we asked our guests to match four little known facts with our staff – Tim, Matt, Rebekah, and Dana. Below are the facts (and, finally, the answers!) so you can see how well you know JDH Wealth Management.


Who won a 58 inch plasma screen TV and a pressure cooker on The Price is Right Game in Las Vegas?

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None other than Matt!

Matt tells what happened…

When Allison and I were in Las Vegas a few years ago, we thought it would be fun to try out for the Price Is Right Las Vegas.  There were around 600 people who tried out! Everyone was cheering for each person selected and a woman right next to us got her name called. Everyone was screaming around us when they announced the next name, and I was pretty sure I heard my name! I asked Allison if she heard my name and she wasn’t sure. So, instead of waiting (because if you don’t go right away, they’ll skip you!) I ran on down to the front. Luckily, it was my name that called after all.

When I got down to the front, the item that I had to bid on was a bbq/rice cooker combo.  I was $2 off of the exact price and I made it up on stage.  Mark L. Wahlberg was the host and I ended up playing “Hole In One” for a 50″ plasma screen tv.  I missed the first 10 foot putt and thought it was over, until Mark informed me that it’s actually called “Hole in One….or Two.”

I sank the second putt.  It was a great experience!


Who started a “Kids for Saving the Earth” club in elementary school?

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If you guessed Rebekah, you are correct!

Rebekah explains how it came together…

We were on a family visit to a planetarium in southern California, where I grew up, when we went into a large IMAX theater to watch a film called “Blue Planet”. Today I couldn’t tell you much regarding what the movie was really about, but I do remember being both fascinated and also deeply moved by the movie. In fact, I was SO moved that my mom remembers that I came out of the movie with tears in my eyes. When asked what was wrong, I told her, “It’s just so sad what people are doing to our planet!” It obviously had a great effect on me and I remember starting our family’s first recycling can immediately, among other things around our house.

It wasn’t long before I decided that this was bigger than just our family and felt that I needed to do something more. I found out about a club “franchise” called “Kids for Saving the Earth” (KSE for short) and that I could start this club on my own school campus. I approached the school and asked if I could have a KSE club at our school, which they happily said yes to. Many friends and other students joined my club as we organized various events and held drives to raise money and awareness about the need to take care of our planet.


Who pushed every button in the elevator to ride 25 floors with a movie celebrity?

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Would you have thought it was Tim?!

Here is Tim’s fun story…

My parents took my older brother and me to Hawaii for a vacation in the summer of 1964 when I was 10 years old. We stayed at the Iliki Hotel in Honolulu. This is a 30-story hotel, which at the time, was fairly new, and of course, quite big. This hotel is featured in the opening credits scene of the original Hawaii Five-0, in which Steve McGarrett (actor Jack Lord) is standing on the balcony, for those of you who watched the original series back in the 70s.  When we were there, the film In Harm’s Way starring John Wayne and Kirk Douglas, was being filmed on the island. Many of the crew and actors were staying at the Iliki.

One day, my brother and I were fooling around in the elevators, racing up and down, and having a blast. I got to the top floor and decided to push every floor button going down. Of course, I was by myself, but not for long. Around the 28th floor,  the doors opened up, and guess who is standing there waiting to come into the elevator? None other than John Wayne, all 6’4” of him, with no one else around. Just the Duke and me.  He comes into the elevator, sees all of the remaining 27 buttons light up, looks back at me and says, “What are we doing here BOY?!?!?” Heavy emphasis on the word BOY. Well, I am completely in shock as I look up at him and just start mumbling.  The elevator doors close and we begin our slow descent, stopping at every single floor.  All 27 of them.  I don’t recall exactly what he was saying on the way down, but if I could recall, I doubt it would be appropriate for print.

When we finally get to the lobby (which seemed to have taken an eternity), he walked out of the elevator while I remained in the elevator, still in complete shock.  The doors closed and the elevator remained stationary for a minute or so. I was still in shock. Then, the elevator started back up which made me realize I need to get off and find my brother to tell him what had happened. I don’t recall ever telling my parents who I had shared an elevator ride with.

And I never again light up all the buttons on the elevator.


Who went bungee jumping off a bridge while living in Germany for 3 months?

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Our very own Dana!

When I first started college, I went on one of the biggest adventures of my life. Knowing only one person, I took myself to Germany for 3 months to “hang out”. During my stay, I saw many beautiful churches, quaint towns with cobblestone streets, and ate lots of food I couldn’t pronounce.

On one of my excursions, I decided to bungee jump from a local bridge. It was the most terrifying and exhilarating thing I have ever done. The climb out to the platform with my legs shaking, the quiet and stillness and uncertainty just before I stepped off, then the rush as I screamed all the way down to the ground – it was AMAZING!!


We hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about our JDH team!


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