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Matt Reflects on 2013 Festival of Brotherhood Trip

For the past seven years, Matt Delaney has participated in Rotary International’s Festival of the Brotherhood in Mexico. Read below about his most recent experience.


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I recently returned from Mexico where I had the privilege of joining fellow Rotarians from the United States in funding humanitarian projects in both Guadalajara & Puerto Vallarta. This trip is part of the Festival of Brotherhood which is an incredible partnership between Rotary Club in the United States and Mexico. This was my 7th year participating in this extraordinary experience.

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In 2011, my Rotary Club of Santa Rosa West partnered with the Rotary Club of Puerto Vallarta to fund a Kindergarten school project to build a library and kitchen as well as bringing in clean water for an extremely impoverished village just outside of Puerto Vallarta. This year we were able to see the finished project and how the school is utilizing the kitchen to feed these children who sometimes don’t have any other meals throughout the day. Having clean drinking water has been an amazing gift to these children who were often getting sick from the polluted water they were forced to drink.

We funded other projects such as the purchasing beds for an orphanage for abused girls and medical equipment for a children’s cancer hospital.

It is often overwhelming to see such great needs in neighboring countries but I remind myself that each of us can make a difference by just doing a little bit. I look forward to many more years in working with the Mexican Rotary Clubs to fund incredible humanitarian projects.

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