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My Coworker….

My Coworker…

As we switch gears to working from home, our new coworkers (spouse, children and pets) have made our work environment quite interesting. Enjoy a smile, or maybe even a laugh, as we join around the water cooler to discuss what our new “coworkers” are up to…

Matthew Delaney – Managing Partner and Wealth Advisor

My new coworkers are constantly asking me to wrestle, build LEGO’s, shoot hoops and check off things on my honey-do-list like organizing closets and cleaning out the pantry.

Eric Keating – Portfolio Advisor

My new coworkers training is going well so far.

Timothy Delaney – Wealth Advisor

My new co-worker is sleeping on the job a lot during the day taking naps. Hard to get the work done.

Heather Degnan – Office Administrator

My coworker is climbing on the furniture. After I told her she couldn’t do that, she threw goldfish all over the breakroom!

Molly – Chief Security Officer

My coworkers are giving me so many extra belly rubs during the day. But man, I miss those cats at the office!


Shannon Winter – Client Service Specialist

My coworker doesn’t respect lunch room etiquette at all.


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