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National Family Day

November 26th is National Family Day!

Some fun activities to do with the ones you love:

  1. Visit a museum.

  2. See the animals at a zoo.

  3. Play a board game.

  4. Have a picnic.

  5. Go on a hike.

  6. Brave the outdoors while camping.

  7. Cheer on your favorite team at a sporting event.

While you debate on what adventure your family will embark on, we would love to introduce you to some of our loved ones:

Matt's Family: Wife Alison, Son Connor and Daughter Carolina

Tim's Family: Wife Leigh Anne with grandchildren (left to right) Weston, Makenna, Connor, Jack, Carolina and Landon.

Eric's Family: Wife Courtney, Sons Cole and Wade (In the Belly)

Heather's Family: Fiance John and Daughter Sophia

Eve's Family: Husband Glenn and grandchildren (left to right) Gracie, Brody, Samantha and Benji

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