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National Write a Business Plan Month

December is National Write a Business Plan Month. Whether you are thinking of starting a company or already have, do you have a business plan set in place? Did you say “no” or “kind of…”? Below, you can find a list of items imperative to making a plan for the success of you and your business.

  1. Executive Summary. Your full business plan: the profile, mission, and steps to reach your goals.

  2. Market Analysis. Research your industry.

  3. Company Description. What does your company specialize in? How are you different? Who is your audience?

  4. Managers and Employees. How many employees do you need? What are the processes and procedures?

  5. Marketing / Sales. How will you market yourself? Do you have a logo? Business cards? Website?

  6. What are you providing? What is the service or product you are selling? Go into detail to provide customers.

  7. Funding.  Do you need funding to start your company? How much? Will you be able to afford the loan payments?

  8. Projections. What are your 1 yr, 3yr, 5yr and 10yr goals? What do you plan to earn, spend and profit? Are your mark-ups in line? Do you need more or fewer employees?…


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