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Our Resolutions for 2020

Our 2020 Resolutions!

Tim Delaney

Wealth Advisor

• As I move into retirement, I would like to continue to help others with financial planning ideas and concepts. • Continue to mentor men living at our local rescue mission. • Obtain my commercial pilot’s license so I can do charter flying. • Try out RV traveling with my wife once fully retired.JDH Wealth Management

Matt Delaney

Wealth Advisor and Managing Partner

- Continue to take each of my kids on a special outing once a month - Take my lovely wife on a date night once a week - Continue to work out 6 days/week - Put my phone down when I walk into my house after work - Stop my son from being taller than me!JDH Wealth Management

Eric Keating

Portfolio Advisor

• Take a vacation with our two young sons • Limit my pizza intake to once a week • Save, save, save • Sign a max contract to play in the NBAJDH Wealth Management

Eve Williams

Customer Support Specialist

• I resolve to begin learning a second language • Become a notary public • Ride my bike moreJDH Wealth Management

Heather Degnan

Office Administrator

• Continue to work out • Take my daughter to the zoo now that she is one • Give up soda • Trip to MauiJDH Wealth Management


Chief Security Officer

• To get lots of treats • Protect the office from cats • Never wear a birthday hat again!JDH Wealth Management


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