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What Would Our Alternate Career Path Be?

What Would Our Alternate Career Path Be?

The JDH Squad takes a moment to reflect on where you might find us if our career path had taken an alternate turn.

Matthew Delaney – Managing Partner and Wealth Advisor

I asked my family what they thought I would do. My daughter said I would work at a gas station. My son said I would be an accountant, and my wife said that I would own a travel company so she could travel for free.  It’s always nice to know what my family thinks of me!

In all seriousness, I would have gravitated towards working in US embassies overseas.

Eric Keating – Portfolio Advisor

Dream job – golf course designer

Realistic – equity trader, winery tasting room manager, or stay at home dad!

Timothy Delaney – Wealth Advisor

I would have been a commercial airline pilot flying around the US. I say “have been” because at age 65, you can no longer be the Captain.

Heather Degnan – Office Administrator

I would be an animator at Disney or Pixar! I actually went to school for Animation! Fun Fact – Disney wrote my letter of recommendation to Academy of Art University when I was just 13 years old!

Shannon Winter – Client Service Specialist

Scientific illustration appeals to me! I would be one of those 1890’s Naturalists, cataloging native species of plants and animals in my journal.

Realistically, we know what I would be doing: Educating homeowners on the applications of ornamental plants.

Molly – Chief Security Officer

I think I would make a great therapy dog at children’s hospitals! I love to cuddle and I am friendly!


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